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Watching TV Helps Us To Relax

Discover the secret to beating stress! According to a recent survey, over half of us (54%) rely on TV shows to unwind from the chaos of daily life.

So, what's on our must-watch list? Friends, The Great British Bake Off, and Strictly Come Dancing take the crown! Work pressures, relationship woes, or money troubles? Grab that remote!

A whopping 48% of respondents instantly feel better when their favorite show starts. Why are these shows so magical? They provide comfort (61%), familiarity (45%), and a much-needed escape from reality (49%). And here's the best part: just 18 minutes of watching can restore your calm and composure!

When stress strikes, go for comedies (42%), dramas (24%), or documentaries (23%). But beware: 36% admit to indulging in binge-watching during tough times!

Where's the ideal spot to start a series? The sofa (65%), followed by our cozy beds (31%), and even during exercise (20%). And don't forget the perfect time: 8 pm, complete with snacks (25%) and a snug blanket (37%).

Tune in and de-stress!

Here is the top 20 favourite shows to enjoy:

  1. Friends

  2. The Great British Bake Off

  3. The Simpsons

  4. Strictly Come Dancing

  5. Sex and the City

  6. Frasier

  7. Killing Eve

  8. Breaking Bad

  9. Married at First Sight

  10. Love Island

  11. The Office (UK)

  12. Better Call Saul

  13. Will & Grace

  14. Homeland

  15. Everybody Loves Raymond

  16. Motherland

  17. The Office (US)

  18. The Sopranos

  19. The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

  20. Suits

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