• Nikki Latham

Weymouth 2022 Events & Festivals

We joined the Weymouth Mayor on a very over cast morning for the launch of the Weymouth 2022 Events & Festivals Guide official launch.
Sadly the location chosen for the photos was inaccessible for our Nikki due to her disability but did her best to take some great pictures.
A couple of highlights, 13th-24th July 2022, sees the return of Weymouth Beach Sports And Community Festival, which the organiser did take a few minutes to talk about. We look forward to sharing more details in the near future.
A couple of dates have stood out for our coverage and we will share them later in the year but after Nikki split her hot coffee all down her as if by magic the group has dispersed and disappeared, but we hope to catch up with all the events represented here in the coming months.

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