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Weymouth Mayor Braves Weather To Plant Queen's Jubilee Tree

We all braved the weather to watch Weymouth's Mayor, Cllr Colin Huckle plant a Queen's Jubilee Tree, as part of her Queen's Green Canopy project.

If you have visited Radipole Park & Gardens, you will see many weeping willows, that have been well established over the years and this will add to this tree lined pathway throughout the park.
Weather and wind was horrendous, but the council staff were on hand to assist the mayor for the planting this tree, including an assistant, who herself was getting wet to hold the mayor and mayoress' umbrella for those planting moments.
The plaque will be in place from early next week, as it need to be permanently fixed and the weather did not allow for this to happen today.
Cllr Huckle did thank us for coming along and we hope the weather will be a little kinder at the next event on Monday at the Weymouth Council buildings on Commercial Road for the raising of the Commonwealth Flag.
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