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  • John Latham

Weymouth's Jubilee Clock Lights Up For Charity

Weymouth Town Council are asking the people of Weymouth which local charities they would like to see recognised by the Jubilee Clock.
The council once again will be lighting up Weymouth's famous Jubilee Clock throughout the year to raise awareness for good causes. One charity will be represented per month, with the clock being lit for up to 3 days during the month in their chosen colour.
In 2021, the clock supported the RNLI, Marie Curie and Weymouth Sea Cadets. Residents can nominate any local charities they would like to see represented in 2022 by completing the SurveyMonkey form (Link Below) by midday on Friday 29th January 2022, which is below. Nominations will then be taken to a panel of councillors for consideration.

Light Up The Jubilee Clock For Charity - nomination form Survey (

Maybe we can suggest a green light for your favourite local not-for-profit radio station, but get voting now!
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