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What Are Your Life Goals?

According to a recent study by HSBC UK, Brits are setting a variety of goals for themselves. While some popular goals include drinking more water, saving for a holiday, and going on a diet, the research revealed that a quarter of adults set targets they believe are unachievable. On the other hand, 37% set low bars to easily achieve them, finding motivation in surpassing these easy goals.

Financial goals are also prevalent among Brits, with saving more for retirement, starting their investing journey, and having a day without spending money being common aspirations. However, unexpected expenses often hinder financial progress, causing many to delay or adjust their fiscal goals.

Despite this, 85% of respondents are confident they will reach their financial goals, with many actively monitoring their progress on a monthly or biannual basis.

Additionally, 72% are diligently building emergency funds, saving enough to cover expenses for at least 15 months on average.

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