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What Brits Want From Their Small Businesses

Small businesses have been facing significant challenges in recent years, especially with the impact of Covid-19 and now the cost-of-living crisis. It appears that consumer loyalty to small businesses has waned, with many shoppers prioritizing value over supporting smaller retailers.

Research shows that a majority of shoppers opt for larger retailers to save money, citing limited access to smaller shops and lack of personal customer service as reasons for their choice. However, shoppers do appreciate the personal touches that small businesses offer, such as warm welcomes and birthday discounts.

Despite the economic uncertainty, many consumers are still conscious of sustainable and ethical practices, with a significant portion choosing to support local businesses for the benefit of their community. Reviews and in-store experiences remain important factors in consumer decision-making.

Overall, small businesses continue to face challenges in a rapidly changing economic landscape, but there is still value in the unique offerings and personal touches they provide to shoppers.

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