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What foods - remind you of your childhood ?

New research has revealed that jelly, boiled eggs with soldiers, and fish fingers are the top flavours that bring back childhood memories for many people. Home-cooked roast dinners and ice cream with custard also hold a special place in our hearts as nostalgic favourites.

Interestingly, not everyone is a fan of semolina, with a quarter of respondents expressing a strong aversion to ever tasting it again.

Despite this, a significant number of people still enjoy indulging in childhood favourites regularly, with many finding comfort in familiar flavours. For some, these nostalgic foods even help alleviate anxiety by evoking happy memories.

Sharing these childhood treats with loved ones is a common way to bond and reminisce, with almost half of respondents believing it brings them closer together. Some even go the extra mile to make these foods for others as a way to spread joy and nostalgia.

The study, conducted by Extra Refreshers Gum to promote its new strawberry and lemon flavour, found that many people associate specific flavours with their childhood, such as rhubarb and custard or fruity gum that transports them back to the 1990s and noughties.

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