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Whatever Floats Your Boat Installation To Celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month & International Women's Day

The D-Day museum in Southsea has a new installation featuring colourful works of art to celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month and International Women's Day.
Whatever Floats Your Boat - No Questions Asked is a community-created installation set inside the former fuel compartment of historic Landing Craft Tank (LCT) 7074. A flotilla of mini crafts have been co-created by artist Jan Frith with the 4U youth group and the Community Champions group run by Stop Domestic Abuse in partnership with the British Red Cross.

Picture: LCT Models: D-Day Story & Visitor Service Officers Lorna Street & Max Butcher, artist Jan Frith, general manager Ross Fairbrother.

LCT Models in Preparation with 4U member Both picture credits: The D-Day Story/Portsmouth City Council

The museum has become a safe environment for culturally diverse and young LGBTQ+ people of Portsmouth. By learning more about D-Day, the participants were able to share their own experiences and challenges of discrimination and abuse. No questions were asked, and no judgements were made as those attending gave the flotilla of LCT models striking visual makeovers.
The Landing Craft Tank has many extraordinary stories to tell, The restoration of the ship to its original D-Day appearance was made possible thanks to National Lottery players with funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. During the Second World War the ship carried up to 10 tanks across the Channel, but in the 1960s' it became a nightclub "Clubship Landfall" with people partying on the River Mersey.

The installation is on display at the D-Day Story in Portsmouth until Tuesday 8th March 2022. Entry to the installation is included as part of the museum admission, which can be booked in advance or bought on the day.
For more information visit: www.theddaystory.com

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