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Wiggle It Just A Little Bit

Chesil Radio never misses a chance to explore a local business, and our very own Nikki is always eager to witness them in full swing. This past Friday was no different. Despite the rainy weather, Nikki ventured out for a night on the town and ended up at Wiggles, a well-known lap dancing club.

The dimly lit establishment was bustling with scantily clad ladies mingling with patrons. Nikki didn't mind sipping her drink solo, taking in the unique atmosphere of the place.

A freelance journalist in her 50s, she took on a challenge, after a comment from the manager. Despite being a lone female, she bravely steps up to see what all the fuss is about. Having covered their previous licencing issues in the news last year, she decides to experience it first hand. Surprisingly, she finds the experience not offensive. However, she makes it clear here, that she is there by choice and requests no unwanted messages or photos sent to her after this being published.

Nikki was greeted by Jay at the door of the three-floor venue, ready to take advantage of the unbeatable bar offer she had researched. Despite the pouring rain, she opted for this spot over others, enticed by the deal of 3 bottles of top-brand beer for just £12 - a steal at £4 per bottle. The bar staff even offered to keep two chilled for her too, but took all three at time of purchase.

Entering into the dimly lit underworld of the ground floor, where the bar sits abandoned. She ascended to the second level, where a sultry dancer was captivating the audience. Up top, ladies tempt patrons for a private dance. Amidst the darkness, Nikki observes the seductive scene, checking emails discreetly. But when she's reprimanded for phone use, she retreats to the shadowy ground floor to finish her drinks.

While the music and sound system may not have been top-notch, most people aren't there for that anyway. The AI voiced intros may have been a bit amateur, but that's not the main attraction. The management even checked in on her during her drinks, showing great customer service.

Nikki has recommended Wiggles to others looking for entertainment in the past. She has visited similar establishments before, where the dancers were usually in a separate room and danced to mainstream music. One memorable pub in Nottingham even had erotic artwork and beds in the middle of the bar.

Would she dare to return? The beer prices were surprisingly decent for the late hour, but next time, she'd stick to the ground floor. Maybe she'd even stay for another round if the ground floor bar was open. Don't fret, Nikki won't be swapping careers anytime soon, but she can now proudly check off this unique experience from her bucket list.

Wiggles is currently open Friday & Saturday nights in Weymouth, on New Street, from 10pm-5am.  They have branches also in Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Southampton.  For more information:

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