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Workplace Comparisons Harming Mental Health

Over half of us are letting comparisons with colleagues mess with our heads, impacting mental health. From outfits to leadership skills, we can't help but size each other up. AXA's Mind Health report reveals we're more fixated on work-life balance than salaries. We're checking out others three times a day, thanks to social media fuelling the fire. But despite knowing it's toxic, we can't resist the comparison game. Toxic workplaces, poor balance, and feeling worthless are pushing us to the brink. Stress, lack of confidence, and sleep troubles are the norm. Mental health is suffering, with more people struggling than ever before. Let's stop the comparison trap and focus on our own journey to success.

Top Ways Workers Have Compared Themselves To Others:

  1. Job performance

  2. Work ethic

  3. Work-life balance

  4. Productivity levels

  5. How much I earn

  6. Stress levels

  7. Career progression

  8. Level of recognition

  9. General levels of happiness

  10. Leadership skills

  11. Dress sense

  12. How I look

  13. Influence in the workplace

  14. Fitness levels

  15. Level of education

  16. Overall level of success

  17. Creativity

  18. Job titles

  19. Rapport with senior stakeholders

  20. Number of friends

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