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World Cancer Day announcement: Walk the Walk grant will enable Cancer Support UK to provide vital cancer support services

A game-changing collaboration, national cancer charity, Cancer Support UK, has just received a generous £48,941 grant from health charity, Walk the Walk.

Brace yourselves for increased practical and emotional support for those affected by cancer! Walk the Walk, renowned for their iconic MoonWalk London event, where participants strut their stuff in decorated bras or vibrant bra t-shirts during overnight marathons, is making a huge impact once again.

Thanks to their incredible grant, Cancer Support UK will be able to deliver 750 Cancer Kits and offer 150 spots in their life-changing Cancer Coach support program. This support is specifically designed for individuals battling breast cancer, helping them navigate anxiety and mental health challenges.

The grant will also train two Cancer Support UK volunteer facilitators to deliver the transformative Cancer Coach program. Together, Cancer Support UK and Walk the Walk are tackling isolation, loneliness, and financial burdens, while boosting mental well-being.

Commenting on the award, Mark Guymer, CEO of Cancer Support UK said: “We are extremely grateful to Walk the Walk for this generous grant. As a small charity we receive no government support – our income is entirely made up of donations, gifts and grants, which are all vital in keeping our services running.
“Our Cancer Kits are designed to provide relief to cancer patients during their gruelling treatment journey. Recipients tell us that the kits mean a great deal to them, making them feel less alone, offering comfort and practical relief from the pain and discomfort of treatment.
 “A cancer diagnosis can be life changing, but going into remission can be equally difficult to navigate. Our Cancer Coach programme gives people who have completed cancer treatment, the tools to support better mental health when moving into life beyond cancer."
Nina Barough CBE, Founder and Chief Executive of Walk the Walk, said: “I’m delighted to share that Walk the Walk have awarded a grant to Cancer Support UK, funding 750 Cancer Kits and 150 Cancer Coach support programmes places. I know from my own experience how frightening and isolating a breast cancer diagnosis can be – the work which Cancer Support UK is doing to help support cancer patients through an incredibly difficult time really is life-changing. Working together, our charities can make such a huge difference to so many people.  
“Grants like this one to Cancer Support UK are very exciting news for Walk the Walk’s wonderful fundraisers – I cannot thank these fantastic people enough! Sign up now for our flagship overnight fundraising challenge The MoonWalk London on Saturday 18 May. It’s an incredible, fun-filled fiesta of a night, bringing many people together, putting one front in front of the other and achieving a personal goal, whilst helping others. Come and see for yourself, it is breath-taking!

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