What marks a song as good is simple. Truth.

Every person out there has a unique voice and something to say. At times, that can be overwhelming, a sea of noise where everyone fights to express themselves over others. That is why, when collaboration is done correctly, it gives us a real glimpse of truth. A chance to see through the noise of the world as these voices join together, each expressing the same thing.

Drawing on powerful vocal performances from artists like Antonia Fountain, Marvin Fockens, and Nikane, Eric Remington is able to orchestrate infectiously powerful music. Taking on the role of producer, Mr. Remington’s role varies from track to track, but he rarely places himself in the limelight. Instead he works in background, giving his collaborators the freedom to be themselves while carefully pulling them all in the same creative direction. Every song is different and calls on a different side of Mr. Remington’s artistry but the result is always music that speaks to the power of the unified voice.

Having a range of influences is something that has always been a key part of Mr. Remington’s relationship with music. Having a love of everything from classical to EDM and rock, Mr. Remington likes to draw from a full range of sounds and emotions. He replicates this variety in his own collaborative process, working together with his collaborators playing to their strengths and challenging their creativity. In his music, Mr. Remington seeks to bring the emotional weight and optimism of their music to the 21st century and celebrate the emerging voices and musicians in the industry.

The single Lip Gloss is the standout track in which Mr. Remington celebrates his love of his wife. It is a euphoric glimpse into the joys of committed, passionate love; a song that you can dance to with tears in your eyes. You’ll find your own heartbeat syncing up with the thumping energy of the song as it lifts you off your feet.

Having been raised listening to music from across the decades, Mr. Remington had always had a keen ear for emotional storytelling through melodies, but it was in real hardship that he was able to discover his own talent for making them. It was in this newfound passion that Mr. Remington found genuine hope for the future, a motif that runs through all of his music, and found summarised most clearly in Lavendar Galaxy.

Through Mr. Remington’s love of his wife, his passion for music making has since been reignited to be fiercer than ever. His latest album expresses the truth of his personal relationship with music making, and life in general. The basslines dance around like the punk music of the 70s, with the heartfelt lyrics of the 80s, all of which is submerged in the euphoria of modern EDM. Love and heartbreak are strong themes running throughout the lyrics of Lavendar Galaxy, always underpinned with the idea of hope and new beginnings.

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