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Fibromyalgia: Costocondritis Is A Real Pain In The Chest...

The change in the weather from the great heat to wet and windy doesn’t give peace to Fibromyalgia sufferers. Imagine not being able to breathe in properly and deeply.

This is another in our look at awareness of fibromyalgia, which I suffer from or rather fight every single day. The breathing may seem like a minor thing, but when associated with pain that doctors equate to as painful as a heart attack and should be checked every single time in A&E in case it’s the real thing, many of us fibro fighters would spend so much time in the emergency department of our local hospital.

The condition costochondritis is an inflammation of the muscles lining the walls of the chest, so when you breath in deeply you can feel every muscle pulling and there may be an area on the body, which as always moves that stabs and makes you take an additional deep breath from the pain and only makes it worse.

The pain can affect front and back of the chest and is usually brought on for me as soon as it becomes extremely damp and windy, not necessarily cold, and can flare up in the summer when trying to cool down directly in front of a fan. The cool air can trigger it natural or manufactured to keep things cool.

The pain cannot be completely relieved at all and once it starts it’s there for the Winter, this happened rather suddenly for me last week, and has been a dull ache now for the past week or so, it’s uncomfortable to sleep with, and with that then has the knock-on effect to fatigue. A hot water bottle in this weather may not seem like the obvious thing but is the only thing that helps. Medication just doesn’t touch it that is currently available, even my ibuprofen/ketamine gel is just a taker off the edge of the acuteness of the pain level.

So, if you ever see me without a smile on my face, particularly at this time of year, be aware that I may be coping with pain that is not visible on the outside, but certainly is fighting me on the inside.

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