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Health Comes First With Chesil Radio Whether It's Flu Or Something Life Changing...

Our dedicated volunteers may have health challenges that limit their availability, but we all face seasonal illnesses like colds and flu too. So, what's a radio presenter without a voice to do?

When life throws a curveball, Chesil Radio steps up to support our team members facing illness or disability. But with our small crew, we can't always be everywhere at once. We do our best to find fill-ins, but sometimes it's just not feasible. Our top priority is keeping the station running smoothly, no matter what challenges come our way 24/7 broadcasting.

As you will know that we have a no-repeat policy Monday to Friday daytime and then the same at the weekend, and this has taken years to be able to do and I am always updating playlists or adding to them. This can be done from my bed if I am too ill to broadcast, as I have a mini studio to do so, but not able to broadcast. We also have lives to live and often they can happen unexpectedly and affect the team's availability. In exceptional circumstances there can be a change of schedule completely, like our special decade all-day show! More of those to come later in the year, but planned!!

Our playlists are always fresh and never repeat during the week or on weekends! It took us years to perfect this, but we're constantly updating and adding new tunes. Even if I'm too sick to broadcast, I can still curate playlists from the comfort of my bed using my mini studio. Life can throw unexpected curveballs, but we're dedicated to bringing you the best music experience possible. Join us as we navigate through the highs and lows of life, all while keeping the music fresh and exciting.

Last week, my voice decided to take a vacation without me! Despite my attempts to soldier on, it was a no-go. But fear not, I always have a backup plan ready to roll. While my vocal cords were on strike, I still managed to churn out news stories online like a pro and share important local links on social media. No audio stories published? No problem! Although we have an audio recording that needs editing, luckily, there were no time-sensitive audio that needed my dulcet tones immediate attention. The good news? I'm on the road to recovery and gearing up for this week's shows.

I would like to thank those who took time to ask if I was ok, and I am drinking cough mixture by the bucket load and hope that I will be back with you Monday, but might be a few days before I am back to full shows, audio recording, etc.

If you would like more details about volunteering roles that are currently available see below. Maybe you can help build the team with a few hours a week that you may have to spare.

This news story has been produced by Chesil Radio's News Team, for more information please visit:


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