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Weymouth Comic-Con and Gaming Festival

Peter Lythgoe got to chat with Sam Clarke about the Weymouth Comicon event this weekend on behalf of Chesil Radio.

The Comicon event is a gathering of comic book enthusiasts, also known as comic cons, who come together to celebrate everything related to comic book culture. The event provides a unique opportunity for fans to meet their favourite creators, gain insights from industry experts, and interact with like-minded individuals who share their passion for comics.

The event offers a broad range of family-friendly, exciting activities, Visitors can relive their childhood memories by playing retro games and dress up in cosplay costumes to show their love for their favourite comic book characters.

It's a fantastic way to spend a day surrounded by people who share the same interests and enthusiasm for comic book culture.

Find out more about what Peter discovered this weekend in the below audio interview. Which will also be repeated on Chesil Radio this evening and throughout next week.

If you're interested in attending Comicon, you can learn more about the event by visiting this website We're looking forward to having the opportunity to catch up with them once again hopefully in August.

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