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Another Popular Bar's Music Brings Their Licence Under Threat In Weymouth, Dorset

The Royal Oak on Dorchester Road in Weymouth has been hit by a complaint from an individual about the Sunday Afternoon music sessions which during the Winter are held inside and outside now on a specially built stage during the summer months.

It seems the inside and outside music has proved to be a huge hit for the regulars, alongside the sports shown inside. Bringing the local music scene to Lodmoor Hill for a couple of hours on a Sunday. As a local, I have always been aware that music is on, and usually encourages me to take a break and go join them in the garden to enjoy the entertainment. Many of the bands are those who would have had gigs Friday and/or Saturday in the town centre, but the relaxed vibe of the garden, means that it is more chilled after an exhausting weekend gigging for them, or they opt for a more acoustic sound.

Often, it’s a great opportunity to see the local bands that work tirelessly in the area. Obviously, as my local to studio B, it does mean that personally I would prefer the music stayed, but the licence review could stop these Sunday Sounds. I was hoping to write an article soon alongside the re-launch of our gig guide on the station, which will come later.

I am sure that if others felt strongly, they too would have complained before as this is not a new addition to the pub music scene. There has never been heavy metal at the pub whatsoever and if the noise was so bad from the inside as described I wouldn’t be able to broadcast and more importantly record future shows for the station. I have only ever seen one DJ inside the pub, and I know that he wasn’t overly loud as I was able to chat with him quite easily. I am sure that when football teams score their goals the noise from the cheers would surpass any of the background noise or any other vocal, which I have never heard from the pub itself, even with England playing.

We are very sensitive to this being an ongoing situation at the present time. If you would like to voice your opinions to the Dorset Council Licensing Department, official poster is in the window of the pub and leaflets too are available at the pub and can be accessed online too on the Dorset Council website. We are aware of quite a few social media comments, etc about this situation and have remained neutral to a certain extent, but this being Chesil Radio’s local, we are very passionate about it remaining as it is. The current landlord has been there a couple of years and has improved the pub in so many ways, that I am able to call it my local.

We have approached the pub, and they have declined to comment at this time. We do not have the complainant’s details, but we have his letter that we felt represented his thoughts on the matter and why he felt he had to complain. There will be a hearing as always with these things and will update you with any further news on this matter.

If you haven't joined the Royal Oak for one of their Sunday Sessions, why not make a trip over to see this week’s band between 2pm-4pm, so you can make a balanced point of view and decide whichever camp you feel deserves your support.


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