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Chesil Radio’s First Tree Planting Doubled By Station Owner.

We promised that for new followers and subscribers we would plant trees for you, the listener and we can announce our first trees planted.

We wanted to benefit the environment for you taking a few minutes to follow our social media and/or sign up as a subscriber on Chesil Radio website.

The owner, John Latham, made the first donation today and he doubled the contribution himself as the first trees are planted we have a total of 8 trees.

Our teams are trying to become more green during the year and you will note that where possible we are making contact with local businesses and individuals electronically rather than using paper and any paper used for the quiz nights is recycled as scrap for future quizzes or recycled for other crafty things where possible.

This is the start of the trees being planted and each time we make a tree purchase we will keep you updated on our social media.

If you would like to contribute to this project all you need to do is like and follow our Facebook page or visit our website and complete the pop up on our webpage to sign up as a subscriber.


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