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Chesil Radio Subscribers And Followers Go Green

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Chesil Radio cares about their subscribers and their views on the environment as you see with many of our blogs.

We have made the decision to go a little more green, when it comes to our listeners and more importantly our subscribers to our website and Facebook followers.

We can see that month on month, more of you are tuning in to listen to us and loving the #localradiobylocalpeople and to show we care about the environment we plan to plant a tree for every 50 followers on Facebook and 25 subscribers on our website.

It's easy to do, we are sure you know how to click like on Facebook and follow and with the subscribers, you will need to visit our website, and when the pop up asks you to subscribe just fill in your email address.

We have always given back to the local community and now we can give back to the environment now too. There never has been a better time to follow us and become a subscriber.

Subscribers will receive updates on our news stories and other social media posts, which we publish on our website. Some of these stories will be those that others in the local media, put behind paywalls and we are always happy to receive local news at:

If you want to help the environment and listen to great local radio, look no further than Chesil Radio.


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