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Cyber Flashing - No Thanks!

Since March 2022, the UK has ramped up its game with new laws to shield everyone—kids and adults alike—from unwanted explicit images on social media. While there's a robust framework to protect minors, let's dive into what this means for adults (those over 18).

Ever found yourself hesitating before hitting "send" on a seemingly simple social media message? You're not alone! But let's dive into a more pressing issue: the impact of sending inappropriate messages or more importantly images.

We promise to keep the language clean in this blog, but it's a crucial topic that we at Chesil Radio believe needs some spotlight. Ensuring our digital interactions are respectful and thoughtful.

Cyber flashing, often involving the unsolicited sending of sexual or nude images, which has evolved with technology. Perpetrators now exploit social media, dating apps, and even data-sharing services like Bluetooth and Airdrop to anonymously target victims, even on public transport.

The Online Safety Act has transformed the digital landscape by criminalising unsolicited explicit image sharing. Offenders now face real consequences, enforceable by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). Those guilty of this behaviour risk prosecution, hefty fines, or up to two years in prison, and may even land on the sex offenders register. Stay aware, stay safe!

If you send, and shock without consent, you could be in hot water! Police and prosecutors are on the lookout for offenders who aim to alarm, distress, or humiliate victims, or those seeking gratification from their actions. Under this law, sharing images or videos without permission is a crime, even if you didn't mean to hurt anyone.

The veil of digital anonymity won't shield you anymore. If you're a victim, don’t stay silent. Reach out to your local police and keep those images or footage as proof. Let's hold offenders accountable and make the digital realm safer for everyone!

Think your one-off message is harmless? Consider this: how many others are receiving the exact same message from that person?  

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