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Hot Weather Protocol For Chesil Radio Explained

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

When the temperatures reach 25C outside, it reflects as 30-32C in our studios, temperatures this year have been exceptional and also varies across the country.

We try where possible to keep the studio cool with windows, doors, air coolers, fans, but this also causes external noises from surrounding buildings and car parks, means we have to take the decision to revert to our hot weather protocol if this noise also interferes with the broadcast. The external noise, particularly conversations, may be of a private nature and include swear words that we have no desire to broadcast, and we apologise if this happens, while trying to keep the studios cool.

This means that will have a selected playlist that will play in place of any live broadcast shows, this is a selection of playlists that we use in cases where presenters are not available and reflects a great selection of music that you expect from Chesil Radio and are not our standard playlists, but those chosen for Monday Madness, etc.

Our broadcast equipment can overheat like our presenters and as such we will make this decision on the weather forecast provided and announced on social media. We have presenters who are very sensitive to heat due to medical issues and as such we will always protect their health on these matters. This can be at short notice, when each of our studio's temperature is monitored at this time of the year.

We apologise if this needs to be put in place at any time, but be assured that the back-up system and play-out is monitored and often someone on a mobile connection available to answer emails and other messages sent to the station in the usual time scales.


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