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Introduction To Our Shows - Drive Time

Well the title says it all Drive Time on Chesil Radio is as you expect at teatime, or is it?

It first of all in theory, it is live Monday to Thursday, but the times of broadcast do change. On a Tuesday with our quiz night at the Waterloo in Weymouth, it is brought forward to 3pm-5pm, but most weekdays you will find it at 5pm-7pm.

The Drive Time is an important anchor to go into our evening broadcasting of specialist shows, and when our Nikki isn't available has the finest New Wave/Electronic hits across the decades, with some great added extras.

Drive Time, when live looks at the local news stories in depth, brief look at national stories too and keeping you up to date on your journey home. One of our traffic and travel features is that of the train services, strikes have been plaguing us for a while now, but there are some services that always get hit with delays, and we keep you up to date with the departure board information. We don't forget those roads too though.

Tune in and listen to Drive Time on Chesil Radio, and if you are stuck on public transport or in the car, let us glide you home on a happy note and no car/travel rage!


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