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No Matter The Good Intentions - Health Always Comes First, But Just As The Seasons Come And Go

You are probably wondering why we have been so quiet in the past 10 days on your news page.

I took a small break as we have been so busy with our community work, but tomorrow we will be catching up with all that we have been up to over the past few days.

Fibromyalgia can just bounce into the world, especially when it's not needed. I have had a nasty flare up and at a time when we are really busy.

Many will know that as the seasons change that some with long-term medical issues, is a time that the body needs to adjust for the season. Fibromyalgia is one of those conditions and the damp alongside the season changes can make it a very painful and restless time for those who have this condition.

As a fibro fighter, I will always do my best for all, but at what cost??? Just sitting in a chair, hurts. Just breathing, hurts. Sleep is virtually impossible and so the fatigue is also painful too. The season change makes sufferers more sensitive to the weather, especially from the warm sunshine to the wet and cold winter. However, as I have discussed in other articles the heat can have its own issues for the condition.

The station team has a policy of health coming first and for the past week, that is what I have had to focus on. So, when I miss a show or two, during this season change, please bear with us. Please read our story about SAD which is also kicking in.

Back to normal tomorrow....

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