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Revealed: the South West roads being resurfaced thanks to reallocated HS2 funding

A £800 million programme funded by reallocated HS2 funds is underway in the South West to repair potholes and resurface roads, with the first roads already completed. The initiative aims to improve road safety and efficiency.

Local councils in the region have received £25 million for road improvements, with more funding to follow. Councils must publish plans for road repairs to ensure transparency and accountability. Residents can review their council's plans online. Failure to comply may result in funding withdrawal.

Various innovative techniques are being used, such as software in Devon and resurfacing in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. The £8.3 billion nationwide road resurfacing fund, funded by HS2 savings, is the largest ever investment in local road improvements. Savings from HS2 will be reinvested in transport across different regions in the country. Residents are encouraged to check their council's websites for planned road improvements.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper said: “We’re on the side of drivers, which is why this Government is getting on with delivering our plan to invest £800 million in the South West as part of the biggest ever funding increase for local road improvements, made possible by reallocated HS2 funding.    
“Alongside this unprecedented funding, which is already being used to improve local roads, we’re making sure residents can hold their local authority to account and see for themselves how the investment will be spent to improve local roads for years to come.” 

Councils in the South West will now be required to submit quarterly reports starting in June, detailing progress on road repairs. This initiative aims to increase transparency and accountability for taxpayers. The Government's plan to improve local road networks could save motorists up to £440 on vehicle repairs. Additionally, the Plan for Drivers includes measures to address traffic congestion and promote electric vehicle usage.

RAC head of policy Simon Williams said: "It’s very encouraging to see so many local authorities quickly setting out how they’ll use the first tranche of the Government’s reallocated HS2 funding to improve their roads.
“Drivers will be pleased to see potholes fixed and roads resurfaced, especially as our research shows the poor state of local carriageways is their number-one concern. We hope councils will also use this extra money to carry out vital surface dressing work which helps prevent cracking in the cold winter months by sealing roads against water ingress. The prime time for this life-extending work is between April and September, so time is of the essence.”

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