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UK To Become Largest Contributor Of E-Waste

The UK's growing e-waste problem is a significant concern, with projections indicating that it will soon become the world's largest per capita contributor to electronic waste.

Despite this worrying trend, a recent survey found that 75% of Brits are worried about the issue. However, a staggering 60,000 tonnes of electronic waste still end up in landfills in the UK every fortnight.

Despite being considered an eco-conscious demographic, a study by Currys revealed that two-thirds of young people are more likely to throw away their old tech rather than recycle it. Additionally, three out of four individuals admit to hoarding unwanted tech in their homes, even though they have no use for it.

A lack of information and understanding about how to properly dispose of old tech is a significant barrier to recycling efforts, with 35% of respondents citing this as a reason for not recycling.

Interestingly, nearly a quarter of individuals don't know how to dispose of their old tech. Furthermore, research has shown that offering cash incentives could be a powerful motivator for recycling electronic waste, with almost half of Gen Z individuals stating that they would be more likely to recycle their tech if given a financial reward.

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