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Chesil Radio's Pay It Forward Award Winners - Do You Know Someone Who Should Win???

Chesil Radio Pay It Forward Awards have been part of our station from Day 1. We have always looked for people who are unsung heroes, who go above and beyond for the local community.

From the very first award, we have always had so many people who we consider as a team and suggested to us for a winner. They have ranged from people who have done public and private donations of their time freely. They don't do it for recognition, they do it because they care.

Here is just a selection of our previous winners:

All of our winners have made a difference to their local community, whether it be one act or several times. And as you will remember we were winners too as runners up for journalist of the year for a national charity last year. We were runners up to Channel 4 and shared honours with the BBC not a bad result for us.

Beware of fake award nominations! While receiving an award nomination can be thrilling, it's essential to verify the legitimacy of the award. Don't let your organisation fall victim to scams or tarnish its reputation by associating with questionable award providers. Some awards may just be a ploy for profit, with no real industry recognition. Stay vigilant and do your research to ensure that any award your organisation receives is well-deserved and reputable. Don't let a fake award damage your credibility - always be cautious and discerning when it comes to award nominations.

If you know of an organisation or a person who you think deserves recognition for the local community then please let us know at:

This news story has been produced by Chesil Radio's News Team, for more information please visit:

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