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Introducing the Revival of the Talking Newspaper: Join the Journey!

We've got news that'll make your ears perk up! We recently approached the Dorset Blind Association to reignite the spark of the beloved Talking Newspaper in 2024. Sadly, they weren't up for it. But hey, we won't let that stop us!

While technology zooms ahead for the younger generation, we know there's still a need for the older folks who prefer a more comfortable, traditional approach. That's where we come in.

At Chesil Radio, we've always been passionate about sharing our stories. So, we thought, why not extend that joy to a new talking newspaper? Whether we help one person or thousands, our mission is to bring enjoyment and pleasure to lives.

Calling all residents of the South & South West! We're gauging interest in receiving our exciting new publication. Picture it: MP3, WAV, and even good ol' CDs could be yours to enjoy!

Our dedicated team receives press releases directly, ensuring our Chronicle is filled with fresh news. Initially, it'll be released bi-monthly, but who knows where this journey will take us?

Curious? Drop us an email at

This news story has been produced by Chesil Radio's News Team, for more information please visit:


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