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Introduction To Our Shows - The Local And New Music Show

Are you a local artists or band who has professionally recorded tracks in MP3 format and would like to be considered for our local and new music?

Here at Chesil Radio we have a team lead by Louise, who takes in all of our submissions and distributes them to our new music team to be listened to. Now I will say they are very strict and of the 75+ a week that we receive only one maybe two makes it through to our live show.

It takes around 12 weeks from receipt of a song for it to be listened to, this is due to the fact we are all volunteers, if you would like to join the listening team please get in touch with Louise at:

If you are submitting music to us, just a few reminders, we don't accept rap, hip-hop, dub step, garage, drill, etc. We do not accept any with swear words. All submissions must come with an MP3 (links to a dropbox to download is fine as long as it's in MP3 format), with a little about the artist, so we can link and share the details to the listener. Only submit your song once, as we distribute to our many volunteers if you send it more than once we will delete the older submission, that may mean a further delay to the team listening to your music.

If you want any more information on this show contact Louise at: and to avoid confusion, Nikki is forwarded those that have made it to the playlist for the show only now, so it must go direct to the New Music team for consideration.

Check our schedule for the times of broadcast on Chesil Radio


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