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Is The Too Good To Go App To Good To Be True

The App Too Good To Go, has saved food from being thrown away at the end of the working day, and not only good for the environment, but good for the pocket too. At a time when the cost of living is front and centre for many of us, is those essential pennies worth their deals for your pocket and tummy?

Photo credit: Too Good To Go website

I have used them a few times over the years and it's been a bit hit and miss. The only time I have complained it was sorted very quickly with a refund. This week I put them to the test!

The items you can expect varies from venue to venue, it could be you want to go to a favourite place or try a new venue. They decide what goes in and and the value subject to it not being reduced in store already is usually 3 times the price approx. The app is easy to use once you have logged in and set your location, as you can also use it when away from home too. You will need to watch for bags being added as that is down to the shops too so there is not set time but often you need to grab the bags the day before collection, from popular places, and only once has my bag been cancelled due to lack of goods. It can be grocery items to pre-cooked food to restaurant food. My M&S garage food was a particularly interesting bag in the past.

On Sunday, I selected high street bakery, Greggs, I have had several bags in the past from these guys. Due for collection 4.30pm-5pm and arrived a few minutes early and they were ready to go. Enclosed was two of their long rolls, 2 donuts and 2 sausage rolls. I paid £2.59 for them all. They were all as fresh as they were on the shelves and I had one roll when I got home and one for lunch.

Photo credit: Too Good To Go website

Today, Monday, it was my first hot food bag, this was at Morrisons Cafe, it cost £2.49, collection between 2pm-2.30pm. It was obvious we were looking at breakfast items, and I got 6 sausages, 8 slices of bacon, a reasonable tub of beans and 6 hash browns. That's tea sorted then. The only downside with this one was the lack of staff in the cafe. I queued behind 3 ladies and arrived about 10 mins before. The lady on the till served two customers and then moved to make the coffees and teas. As friendly as she was to take time to speak to customers while clearing up spill resulting in further delays, and then eventually came back to serve the customer in front of me, and shouted for a good to go bag, and disappeared. The young lad who came to replace her, served the lady who had just ordered her hot drinks. And returning to me he too disappeared for a few moments and said it was on its way. I ended up waiting 30 minutes in total from arrival to collection. I assume I was the only bag sold, so I don't know if that impacted the contents.

The Too Good To Go app has it's heart in the right places, but some venues need to be a little more hot on its service, as that may explain for the lack of their own customers and needing to use such an app, whereas others, which are more experienced in these collections are fabulous and not scared to cancel bags if nothing needs saving. For more details on Too Good To Go: and give them a try in your area soon...

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