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Weymouth Town Council service to mark Anzac Day

Join others at the Anzac Memorial in Weymouth Town on Thursday, April 25th for the annual Anzac Memorial Service.

The service of remembrance will begin at 11am, located on the seafront across from the Hotel Prince Regent.

All members of the public are encouraged to attend and pay their respects. This event honors the brave Australian and New Zealand volunteer service personnel who were stationed in Dorset during the First World War.

These individuals played a crucial role in the war effort between battles in the Middle East and the Western Front in Europe.

Weymouth Town Council are privileged to have Commander Brett Fotheringham from the Royal New Zealand Navy and Lieutenant Commander Courtney Bahr from the Royal Australian Navy in attendance.

Jane Biscombe, Town Clerk at Weymouth Town Council, said: “The Anzac service always carries a deeply poignant significance. It takes place opposite the Prince Regent Hotel, which was once Burdon’s Military Hospital where soldiers were evacuated from the beaches of Gallipoli to recover from the traumas of war.  
“The service on Thursday 25th April is open to anyone to attend in recognition of the sacrifices made by personnel of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.” 

The service will be conducted by the Mayor’s Chaplain, Honorary Alderman Rev’d Betty Port.

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