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Megabus Leaves Weymouth In The Dark

A few short months ago, there was great fanfare on many social media and printed press of the arrival (or rather the return) of Megabus services to Weymouth.

Departing from the newly landscaped and revamped train station at a special stop, with services to Bournemouth, Heathrow and then London Victoria.

Sadly, when I went to book for this weekend, last week, although Weymouth still has an active destination, there was nowhere to book the service in Weymouth.

I had seen some chatter with their customers on social media about the inability to book their buses, to be told that they had withdrawn the service.

As a responsible journalist, I contacted Megabus, initially via Facebook, where they confirmed the service had been withdrawn and pointed me to a general email to ask the questions that had been circling on social media. The main question was why launch before the summer season and end it before it started. We still await Megabus' response to our email and will share this with you as soon as we get a response.

It is back to National Express for many of us, and their limited services from Weymouth or hopping on a train to join NE from Poole and Bournemouth.

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