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We Want Your News

Here at Chesil Radio we would like to confirm that our stories are local and/or written by our own team in house on subjects of additional interest, i.e. fibromyalgia, prostate cancer, etc, to raise awareness of these medical issues, etc. We do share these stories across our social media and where appropriate other news media's pages.

You may have noticed an influx of news stories across our social media, this is because finally I have been trained on how to do things direct to our website, so breaking news within the next month should happen a lot more promptly as she can access some things out on the road now.

We receive official press releases, which we select from to bring you the best news possible, led by myself, as a qualified, experienced freelance journalist, and all stories are reviewed by our management team before publishing, and facts checked before publishing stories. If you are sending us a story please do so at:

When sending us news it would be helpful if you can attach some pictures, posters, etc as that may also speed up the publishing and grab our attention, so we can grab the listener too.

The police, ambulance and fire service stories are exactly as they are sent to us direct, with their supplied attached photos and videos, which you will only find on our Facebook page, to enable us to amend/update and/or delete at their request as their stories progress.

Our news team are always happy to receive stories about local news, events, etc at, but please be aware that if there is more than one party involved in your story, we will only publish once the right to reply from the other party has been received. In many of these cases, that may mean that we are unable to publish, even though the story may be out in the public domain and/or social media, unless we have the confirmed facts of both sides of a story, we do not publish it.

We only have the highest standard of news coverage, and although we may share other news sources on our social media, we do consider these also before posting there too. We will not share clickbait or stories that may cause offence, upset or distress to any individual and the decision of whether we publish the stories submitted or share a social media post is down to the station management.

As you know we are an internet radio station, but as you can see we are so much more than just a radio station. Why not tune in or check out our website and social media to find out more and if you are holding an event, you have some feel good news, or similar, don't keep it to yourself, share it with us to share with everyone else, our news team are ready for you....

For any further clarification please contact:, who is the station owner of Chesil Radio.

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